Art-Déco Hall

The Art-Déco-Hall is located on the first floor next to the "Green Parlour" and can even be joined wit hthe latter to form a larger function room. The typical features of Art-Déco era, such as the extravagant glasswork on the doors and windows as well as the coffered ceiling and chandeliers, give the room particulary festive character. It was the purchase of the third building and complete reconstruction works that allowed Karl Miehle to create this wonderful hall. 

The hall is suited to cater fo family functions, such as birthdays and weddings, as well as business conferences.  

Size: 75 square meters
Room rate: 
- Half day (4h): 120,00€
- Day: 180,00€

The room rent is omitted with an average food turnover of 15,00 € per person. 
Terms and conditions apply.

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