On the first floor you can find our library, which not only on a rainy day invites you to have a browse through the bookshelves. Before the library was integrated and constructed to be a new public area, the room was used for storage reasons only, after it hosted the reception and the office until 1990. 

The library offers a big range of books with different topics for all interests and some different languages. Perhaps you will find a book that you would like to read. You are welcome to take the book with you in exchange of another. 

As, who knows, perhaps your old book is exactly what another guest is looking for. A guest computer with internet access is available for use. 

During restaurant opening hours you also will be served with drinks while talking or reading in the library. 

The royal figure, as a symbol of "secular power" and the pope figure, as a symbol of "spiritual power", by the artist Peter Lenk, are looking over your shoulders. Incidentally, both figures, in their original size, can be found on the left and right hand of the 9-meter-high "Imperia" statue at Constance harbour.